“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Vdub Camp Festival has grown to enjoy substantial national media coverage as well as international exposure.

The following variable media elements support the largest VAG motorshow in the southern hemisphere and the coverage content occurs pre or post the yearly main event ad hoc.


DSTV Channel 189 (Ignition TV) Petrolheads program – 4 million monthly viewers.
DSTV Channel 251 (Soweto TV) – 7 million monthly viewers.
DSTV Channel 262 (Tshwane TV) – 2 million monthly viewers.
DSTV Channel 260 (Bay TV) – 1,5 million monthly viewers.


87.6FM (Featured coverage) – 12,000 average listeners.
Junto Radio (Featured coverage) – approx 3,000 listeners.
94.7 Highveld (Presenter plug-ins) – Daily average 708,000 listeners.
Radio 702 (General discussions) - Daily average 409,000 listeners.
95.4 UJFM (Presenter plug-ins) – Daily average 11,000 listeners.


Performance VW magazine (4 page coverage) – undisclosed worldwide readership.
The Star Motoring (DPS coverage) – 85,000 readership (ABC ave Q3 2015).
Speed And Sound magazine (6 – 10 page coverage) – 35,000 readership (ABC ave Q3 2015).
Max My Ride magazine (full mag coverage) – 10,000 readership (non ABC estimate 2014).


There are over 40 websites, blogs and forums that attract coverage of the annual event.
Total online viewership during the February joie de vivre period reaches in excess of 450,000 pairs of eyeballs.

The assortment of brands doing event coverage, photographic forums and other motor related online entities are spread across a multitude of countries and the visual content is often seen on trending social media posts throughout 12 months of the year.





Pendent South African Trademark No. 2014/00934
Vdub Camp Fest in Class 41 in the name of Cum Laude Productions.

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Vdub Camp Fest South Africa

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